Several people have the problem of having duplicate photos in their iPhoto library (meaning same photo, multiple copies).

If I told you that you could find all of your duplicate photos in less than an hour & it would only cost you $7 would you be interested? I used the program Duplifinder and was able to remove all of my duplicate photos from my iPhoto library. It is pretty easy to use & gives you the option to delete photos individually or all of the duplicates with one click. I took a screen shot of what it looks like (below).

The developer has agreed to give KIS teachers a 20% discount. $5.50...what a bargain! You can download and test the software without paying, but you won't be able to delete any photos. Here's the coupon for 20% off Duplifinder. Make sure you list Korea International School as your company.

Back up your computer & read the software instructions carefully before you run the software.

1. Read the Duplicator instructions. (PDF file included in the download)
2. Back up your computer using Time Machine before running Duplifinder.
3. Depending on the number of photos you have in your library, it could take a while to scan the library. I had 13,000 photos & it took about 25 minutes.
4. Once you start scanning, you should not stop the process until it is complete.
5. When you delete a photo it will go into the iPhoto trash. You can recover photos from your iPhoto trash. Once you empty your iPhoto trash the photo is gone.
6. Let Steve know if you need help with this.