Getting Started with Uploading of Videos

It all begins with video footage. There are a variety of methods, so select the one that works best for you. Below is a quick summary of some of the more obvious ways to upload your various video clips.

Uploading Footage Methods:

1. Upload directly into YouTube on your MacBook

(via a sharing service such as Google Drive or DropBox)

This is probably the simplest method, but requires having your footage accessible from your Mac. If you have Google Drive or DropBox ( installed, then this is simple. In the picture below: these have both been installed.
YouTube - Upload Videos 3.jpg

YouTube - Upload Videos.jpg

YouTube - Upload Videos 2.jpg

1. Email each video clip (idea for sharing from the iOS Camera Roll)
This is easy, if you have 'Verified' your account. Refer to the relevant section from Part 1 of this training. You will have a personalised email address that you can send your footage to (which I added to my 'Contacts' for convenience). i.e.

YouTube Settings - Mobile Uploads.jpg

YouTube - Upload via Email iOS.png

2. YouTube Creator App (on iPhone or iPad)

This is the easiest and coolest method. Capture the video on iOS and upload directly.

3. iMovie Share (Mac) and (iOS)

This is more suited to an already edited video, but you might consider this method for completing a partially edited movie.
iMovie - Share to YouTube.jpg

4. Quicktime

A video can easily be shared directly to YouTube using Quicktime. Open the video and select the 'Share' icon in the bottom-right corner of the player.

YouTube - Quicktime Upload.jpg

B/ Project: 'Capture' a video and export to YouTube

In this training session, you will create a 15second video using the iPad App 'YouTube Capture' (see Upload Method 2 above). You will create a video like this one:



1. Transcript
Open a 'Pages' document and write a short introductory statement about yourself. This may include:

  • your name
  • school
  • subjects and grades you teach
  • how and why you use YouTube

2. Save Transcript as a .txt file
File > Export your file as a Plain Text (.txt file): i.e.

Pages - Export txt files.jpg

external image logo-icon-small-vflPKchsX.png

3. Using your iPad (YouTube Capture), and accompanied by your Script, record a 'selfie' video.Don't forget tosign into the App using the account you want your finished clip to be aligned with. i.e.

Welcome to Capture!
Signed in!

After capturing, you can do some edits