Teaching with iMovie

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Things to consider when designing an iMovie project:
  1. "I don't need to know how to use iMovie, because my kids do...". This perspective often leads to poor project design and placing unrealistic expectations on students. You don't need to be an expert in video editing, but possessing a basic understand of movie editing in iMovie will go a long way to designing great projects.
  2. A three minute film will potentially require at least one hour of serious editing time for each minute of the film...
  3. As a _ teacher, how relevant is video editing to your course? In any video editing project, expect at least 50% of your student's time to be dedicated to assembling the film. Is this your curriculum goal? Is this reflected in the assessment criteria?
  4. With film projects: "less is more"
  5. If you want to assign a group project, you need to give time in class, because our students do not necessarily live near each other. Assigning projects to groups does not translate well to setting larger tasks.
  6. One student often ends up doing all the editing due to poor planning.
  7. If the final film is more than three minutes, students should each be expected to edit their own section of the film, then the final editor only needs to drop the clips into the final project.
  8. Rather than make movies, consider deconstructing movies to develop visual literacy skills.

Basic Editing, progressing to Advanced editing in iMovie

1. Download the Video and audio package and unzip it.

2. Open iMovie and create a new project called "Skateboarding."
3. Import converted video into your iMovie Events.
4. Name the Event ‘Skateboarding 1978’.
**To convert clips when necessary:
  • Go to App Store and search for ‘Any Video Converter’ (free). Download and open.
  • In Any Video Converter: Select mp4 from ‘Profile’, then Encode.
5. Turn on iMovie features (click here to learn how)
6. Select small highlights from the clip and ‘Favorite’ them by clicking on the Star Screen_Shot_2012-02-18_at_12.56.17_PM.png (one at a time).
7. Show Favorites Only: Screen_Shot_2012-02-18_at_12.58.39_PM.png

8. Drag and drop Favorites into your project.
9. Assemble in desired order
10. Trim clips as needed
11. Adjust import settings for images (Ken Burns). Click on File > Project Properties...
12. Choose your desired placement
13. Click and drag ‘Blackknight.jpg’ (from the folder you downloaded) into your project.
14. Move it to the beginning of your project and add a title (text) using the : <your name> Presents...
15. Select your two favorite clips from the movie.
16. Add one right after the title.
17. Take the second and add it by dragging it on top of the clip you just added
18. Select Side by Side from the window that pops up.
19. Add a soundtrack by dragging a music file onto you project so that your project turns green.
20 Click on the gear and select Audio Adjustments.
21. Select Ducking.
22. Share your movie to iTunes.